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MyOwn or You tell Me

I want you to have a PC you love and admire. I want it to have everything you need. A certain  OS, you got it. Like a build but want to change a part? that is usually a yes. Pick all the parts and we can build it then ship or deliver in socal. Any game, any program you may need for school can be pre acquired.  If you dont know what you need no problem. we can send you a few options our team comes up with . As long as your happy so are we.


Let me Help

Grandma cant figure out her tv/computer/ tablet. Need new firmware or some virus is attacking and don't know what to do.click below or email us and we can help  . We offer low cost help and over the phone or webcam. Pc's can be dropped off, picked up, or someone can even try and fix it at your residence or business

News,blogs,and demos

show and tell

Come chat or read our blogs.  watch our videos. Share your insights on new tech ,current or even old. News relating to computers, drones, rc cars, boats, hacking, programming , pen tests,  Raspoerberry pi and aduinos.  and mmm LED's. WE want this to be your space just as much as its ours.


We can fly

we are a low cost alternative to the major drone photographers. Any occasion is acceptable from a birthday, to beach day,weddings, to a movie or commercial .

Ever thought of taking a Arial shot of your business? it makes great wall art for the businesses hallway or open walls. You would be surprised how many customers wall comment.

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